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At MySmartFi, we believe in transforming everyday living through the power of technology. Our professional home automation solutions are designed to put control of your entire home right at your fingertips. Leveraging the latest advancements in IoT technology, MySmartFi enables seamless integration and control of all your home appliances through a single app.

Whether it's adjusting the lighting, controlling the temperature, or managing your entertainment systems, our products make it all possible with just a simple touch. Our mission is to make home automation accessible, efficient, and affordable, allowing you to control your home from anywhere in the world.

What sets MySmartFi apart is our commitment to quality, convenience, and customization. Our home and office automation solutions are not just high-tech but are thoughtfully designed to suit your individual needs. With MySmartFi, you can monitor and manage all your appliances in real-time, turning them on or off as you please.

Our products are crafted to enhance your comfort and security, providing you with peace of mind knowing that your home is under your complete control. Join us in embracing the future of living with MySmartFi, where innovation meets everyday convenience.


MySmartFi's Home Automation System brings the future of living into your home today. With our Smart App-based control, you can effortlessly manage switches, curtains, door locks, air conditioners, media devices, cameras, and more. Safety and security are paramount, and our system includes real-time monitoring of sensors for smoke, gas leaks, and home intrusion.

Our choice of wireless configurations not only enhances user flexibility but also minimizes disruption, allowing you to easily adapt the solution as your needs change. With MySmartFi, customization is key, and our automation solutions are tailored to fit your unique requirements. Control and monitor your devices in two convenient ways: through Smart Apps or voice control via Google Home or Amazon Alexa.

At MySmartFi, we focus on the essential elements of Safety, Security, Comfort, Convenience, and Energy Efficiency. Our Home Automation Solution is designed to enhance your living experience, providing a seamless integration of technology that complements your lifestyle.


Smart Lighting

Our smart lighting solutions can be automated from anywhere in the world. It is a device that can be adjusted behind your switchboard and allows you to control all your lights on the MySmartFi App.

You can turn lights on in the evening and will automatically turn off when you’re off to bed as scheduled. Whether you want a cozy setup in the bedroom, set the instant mood, or want to change colours of the lights, we cover it all.

Smart Fan

Our Smart fan solutions allow you to control all the fans of your home on just one app. You can easily control the speed of your fans from your smartphone. 

Motion Sensors

Motion sensors protect your home from any intrusion. This setup once installed will notify you on your smartphone of any kind of motion in your home.

Curtain Controller

Automate your curtains with Curtain controller. Adding sheer elegance to your interiors, our Smart Curtains adds style and comfort to your home décor. 


Our different types of sensors allow you to receive instant alerts on your smartphone in case there is some fire, gas leakage, or any other disaster in your home.

Climate Control

MySmartFi home solutions allow you to maintain the optimum temperature in your home.

Home Theatre

MySmartFi’s Home Theatre solutions allow you to create a cinematic experience at home. You can control and monitor speakers, lightning, and everything with MySmartFi app from anywhere in the world.

Door Lock

Our Smart Door Lock/Unlock provides an advanced level of security to your home. You can lock/unlock your home with your smartphone from anywhere you want.


You can keep your eyes on your home at any time and from anywhere. Our smart CCTV cameras integrated with MySmartFi App provide round-the-clock monitoring by providing you live feed 24 / 7.

Smart Remote

MySmartFi multimedia solution allows you to control your TV, music player, etc from your smartphone. Under multimedia solutions, we also provide other features like multi-room playback, specialized scenes, wireless streaming, etc.



At MySmartFi, we specialize in professional home automation solutions that put the control of your home in the palm of your hand. With the MySmartFi App, you can automate, control, and secure various appliances such as lights, fans, TV, AC, Set Top Box, Home Theater, Geyser, and more. Simply install our products, and your home becomes a hub of convenience and efficiency.


Concerned that smart devices might be too complicated? Worry not! MySmartFi's home automation solutions are designed with simplicity in mind, making them accessible to children and elders alike. All you need is the MySmartFi App, a WiFi Router, and our products. These devices connect to the Internet, allowing remote control through the app or voice assistant.

Our user-friendly mobile application empowers you to control your devices in real-time, providing a seamless experience that integrates technology effortlessly into your daily life. Whether you're tech-savvy or new to smart home technology, MySmartFi makes managing your home as easy as a tap or a voice command.

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