Convenience gets better with Smart Hotels


Revolutionizing Hospitality with MySmartFi

MySmartFi's Smart Hotel Automation Service is transforming the hospitality industry by connecting essential infrastructure such as lighting, multimedia, security, and curtains to a network, all accessible via a web app. Our innovative solutions enable hoteliers to elevate the guest experience through the Internet of Technology. Imagine guests controlling lights, automating curtains, and managing appliances from the comfort of their beds, all through a simple web app. With no need for internal wiring, our system fits seamlessly into existing sockets.

Smart Hotel Technology

MySmartFi Switches are Wi-Fi-enabled smart devices that revolutionize the control of electrical appliances with their sleek exterior retrofit designs. With just a 15-minute installation process, hoteliers can offer guests the ability to manage all appliances remotely from anywhere in the world using a smartphone or tablet.

Smart Hotels

Hassle-free Check-in/Check-out

Streamline guest experiences with our online hotel web app, enabling easy access to check-in and check-out processes.

Centralized Control

Manage all hotel information, check-ins, check-outs, and infrastructure effortlessly, replacing traditional manual logs.

Flexible Wi-Fi Service

Offer free or paid Internet service, with intelligent billing for extra usage.

User-Friendly Guest Service App

Connect guests to hotel services like food, laundry, travel plans, and more, all through our intuitive app.

Automated Climate Control

Intelligent sensors allow automation of room temperature, with guest-controlled touch-screen interfaces.

Advanced Access Control

Enhance luxury with smart lock systems, enabling voice or touch-screen control for room access.

Memorable Guest Experiences

Create personalized setups for occasions or moods, from romantic evenings to productive workspaces.

Energy Conservation

Monitor and strategize energy consumption, receiving notifications for unusual usage, all through the hotel app.



Guests receive a link via SMS and email, granting access to their smart room

Smart Hotel Room

Control lights, fans, channels, and more through the web app, all from the convenience of the bed.

Smart Hotel Services

Offer additional services like booking slots, promotions, and feedback collection, enhancing the guest experience 


Web app access is revoked at checkout, ensuring security and privacy.